Lamar L. Walker

Lamar L. Walker is a Detroit native of 49 years old, who was inspired to write novels by Detroits’ Great, Donald Goines. With a talent to weave stories, Lamar has been ghostwriting behind the scenes for eleven plus years.

He was recently published in a special November edition of the Washington Post Magazine, covering mass incarceration in America. More recently, Lamar made a contribution to the book “Midland (Reports from Flyover Country),” reporting on the coronavirus from inside a prison.

Even though Lamar has been writing behind the scenes for quite some time, the Post Traumatic series part 1, and 2 are his first break-out novels on his own.

A Note from Lamar: 

I live vicariously through my characters. I cry when they cry. I laugh when they laugh… this answers the common question of why I prefer writing fiction, over nonfiction. I write nonfiction, but I enjoy writing fiction.

I know this is directly due to the many years I’ve spent in prison. When I write, I’m not here. If I’m writing about the lunchroom at Mackenzie Highschool, I’m sitting in the lunchroom Mackenzie High. I see the rap battles, and chair fights. It’s healing…

I came home in 2003, after doing 15 years. I got locked up at 17 years old and came home at 32. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I had no idea that I would have to deal with Undiagnosed Anxiety Disorders. Never knew what an anxiety disorder was. I just know I hated crowded places. Including family gatherings. I felt so out of place at family gatherings, I often found a quiet corner to sit in.

My great-grandmother had a 90th birthday party. I was happy to show, but I hardly recognized anybody. Cousins that were kids when I left were grown. Others looked drastically different from what I remember. I felt like an alien around my own family. After sitting in a corner for quite some time, I finally made up an excuse to leave…
Why am I sharing this? We need for you to understand why we’re coming home from prison acting weird and disconnected. The fears and post-traumatic issues we’re dealing with are real. My family can’t understand how to help me if they don’t understand what’s wrong.

When I had my first anxiety attack, I thought I was having a stroke. By the time I had my third attack, I was convinced that I was going crazy. I had no clue what was going on with me. Too embarrassed to communicate what I was going through, how could I receive the help I needed from my family?

I got locked back up in 2005, and I now see in hindsight what was going on with me. Not only have I been reading a lot about anxiety disorders, but I also talk to guys all the time about what they experience after going home from this place. It is shocking how common these issues are.

When your loved ones come home from one of these places and are acting a little different, or off-putting, please… talk to them. Force the conversation. They may not even understand what they’re feeling. It’s hard for me to make a rational decision if I’m having doubts about my sanity.

The Post Traumatic series

A high-energy adventure that explores the behavior of a group of orphans dealing with extreme Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Most were orphaned by the Knights Templar Cartel, and the vicious Los Zetas. The only thing these orphans can think about is avenging the slaughter of their familias. A dangerous thought promoted by their beloved hostess Sophia Lambada.
Their unique leader Ra is flying by the seat of his pants trying to keep everybody safe, and out of danger. However, Mexico is a dangerous country. Every conflict and every relationship is potentially life or death. Literally. Post Traumatic is filled with everything we love about a story. Treachery, war, sex, and a whole lot of heart.

Post Traumatic: Part 1

Ra and Sophia make it a life's mission to rescue kids off of the streets, and more importantly rescuing them from the sadistic sex camps spread throughout Mexico. A battered women's shelter ran by Sophia's grandmother, is unknowingly turned into an orphanage for...

The Post Traumatic II

high-energy adventure that explores the behavior of a group of orphans dealing with extreme Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Most were orphaned by the Knights Templar Cartel, and the vicious Los Zetas.

Goons & Queens – Available SOON

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