* “If you want friendship to last in the house you enter as master, friend or brother, or in any other place you enter, avoid approaching the women in an improper manner. No place is peaceful where this is done and he who intrudes on them is unwelcome. Thousands of men have been ruined for the pleasure of a short moment, which passes like a dream and then brings death to those who have indulged in it. Men and women leave home because of it and the heart should refrain from it. As for those who go wrong because of lust, none of their plans will prosper.”
(The Book of Ptah-Hotep 2,100 B.C.E.)

Is this why none of my previous plans ever came to fruition? Lol!
I’ve personally seen several fatal conflicts spark up over women. I’ll go out on a limb and say it is the cause of over 70% of conflicts in urban communities. When I hear a guy say, “I don’t like dude,” I instantly think it’s a woman involve. That’s how often it happens. In corporate America how many men have been ruined because of it? I just find it intriguing that Ptah-Hotep wrote about this very thing thousands of years ago.

* “If you are a leader, be courteous and listen carefully to the presentations of the petitioners. Stop not their speech until they have poured out their heart and spoken that which they came to say. Those with grievances like to speak out and have their petitions heard. But whosoever stops a presentation raises the question of why does one having this power act in this manner. Not all that is asked for can be granted, but a fair hearing satisfies the heart.”
(The Book of Ptah-Hotep 2,100 B.C.E.)

I leave resentful if I can’t get a word in. If you hear me out, at least I know you understand where I’m coming from.