Wisdom: Do not order your wife around in her house when you know she keeps it in excellent order. Do not ask her “where is it” or say to her “bring it to us” when she has put it in the proper place. Watch her carefully and keep silent and you will see how well she manages. How happy is your house when you support her? There are many men who do not know this. But if a man refrains from provoking strife at home, he will not see its inception. Thus every man who wishes to master his house, must first master his emotions.” (Book of Ani)

This quote may be over 4000 years old! Some things never change. How many men need to read this?! If you wish to master your house, you must first master your emotions. Don’t stomp around at the people closes to you. A peaceful home is more valuable than all of the riches in the world.