In part 1 I asked that you pay closer attention to your son’s favorite artist. Allow me to explain why this is important.

Ideas that we constantly repeat to ourselves, or that are constantly repeated to us gain the power to subconsciously define our behavior. Therefore, if I’m zoning out rapping the lyrics of my favorite guy, what I am actually doing is forging a behavior pattern into my subconscious mind.

Quick flashback: N.W.A.’s ‘Gansta Gangsta’ was my theme song before I got locked up in 1989. A female friend shared with me years later that every time she heard that song, she saw my face rapping the lyrics. She said that it was so uncanny that she could no longer listen to the song.

“Since I was a youth, I smoke weed out. Now I’m the mothafu*** that you read about. Takin a life or two- that’s what the hell I do- you don’t like how I’m living well F*** you!”

I used to repeat these lyrics with so much conviction! No wonder I committed my heinous crime at seventeen years old. A confused kid. I’ll be 50 in July and I’m still clawing to get my life set a right. I’m not blaming the music, but it definitely verbalized my frustrations.

Compound the ‘ideas’ that are constantly repeated, with the ‘images’ that your son constantly watch, and you will began framing a picture of how he sees the world. This is important if your aim is to counter troubled behavior.

I’m told that these blogs can’t be too long, so I’ll save further explaination for part 3.

I do wish to say this, in No Way am I hatin on rap. I absolutely love rap! It may be the only music I listen too. I’m just trying to help you get a peek into your son’s psyche. I love hip hop.