This is a message to single mothers everywhere. If you are currently struggling to understand your overzealous teenager’s mindset, Insightfully Urban wants to help.
I was a troubled youth, and it led to me spending multiple years in prison. The men sleeping to the left and right of me were also troubled teenagers, which led them to the same fate. It starts young for most of us. If you’re having issues with a rebellious son(s), I would love to share my experience to help. Or if you wish to gain more insight into how your son(s) sees the world, I believe we can help.
“What’s going on in your son’s head?” Let’s find out.
We start with music. That’s our first step. What type of music is he listening to? Not the hot single that everybody likes. Who is your son’s favorite artist(s)? This is super important. Who does he listen to most of the time?
If you were a devote Christian, you would most likely listen to gospel music. Music for young guys is a massive indicator to our mindset.
I’m asking who they are listening to. I’m NOT suggesting that you stop them from listening.
Favorite artist. We need to do a deep dive into this artist. What is the persona of this artist? Get on Instagram and have a look. A real live look! You need to know who is capturing the attention of your son?
What do his/her videos look like? Could you sit down and watch them? Don’t brush it off as just young people’s music. This video has captured the mind of your kid.
After you’ve studied his favorite artist, initiate the first conversation. We need to understand why this artist is his favorite.
Example question: “What is it about Lil Baby that you like so much?”
Do not be combative.
This is how you set the first spycam into your son’s psyche. Is it a fashion thing? Is it an energy (swag) thing? Is it the lyrics? Find out.
The images we are most attracted too, dominate how we act. Every guy sleeping around me has shared how either Master P, Waka Flocka, Future, etc. was a big influence on how they viewed the world before getting locked up.
The first step… let’s look into the music and images that most attract our boys. Don’t just say rap with a broad stroke. There are all types of rap. We need details.