Ra and Sophia make it a life’s mission to rescue kids off of the streets, and more importantly rescuing them from the sadistic sex camps spread throughout Mexico. A battered women’s shelter ran by Sophia’s grandmother, is unknowingly turned into an orphanage for dozens of recused kids — kids with unthinkable trauma.

Threatened by an old enemy, and the Jefe of the Knights Templar Cartel, Ra and Liz learn too late that Sophia has been raising an army of emotionally unstable orphans the entire time. When she gets the opportunity to turn her young familia lose, everyone is suddenly put on notice.”The orphans are now grown!” Sophia roared to the wild, and Ra is the most shocked of them all. He finds himself on a ride with too much turbulence, even for a sociopath like he.

Ra fights hard to reel his young familia back in, but Sophia is hearing none of it. She declares war on every Jefe whose ever harmed a hair on the heads of anyone within her familia.