Insightfully Urban

by Lamar L. Walker

Insightfully Urban is a site that will focus on two key elements. Entertainment and Education.

Storytelling is best told when linked to elements of truth. This is not a site to glorify an urban lifestyle, but rather a site to help understand some of the fundamental issues we deal with in urban communities.

We will also release nonfiction content that will focus on life in Urban American. Urban literature is more than just “Hood novels.” Insightfully Urban will cover any/all information dealing with the urban setting. Fiction, and Nonfiction.


Book Club

’80’s Chronicles.’ We go on a ride through the 80’s with a young man whose life change drastically over night. A new drug sweep the streets of Detroit, and Lil Tony’s mother fall victim to its allure.

Lamar L. Walker

Lamar L. Walker is a Detroit native of 49 years old, who was inspired to write novels by Detroits’ Great, Donald Goines.
With a talent to weave stories, Lamar has been ghostwriting behind the scenes for eleven plus years. He was recently published in a special November edition of the Washington Post Magazine, covering mass incarceration in America. More recently, Lamar made a contribution to the book “Midland (Reports from Flyover Country),” reporting on the coronavirus from inside a prison.

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